They laughed when I stood in the teeing area, But when I shot the driver! ・・・

Jack had just hit a tee shot on hole 1 405 yards par 4.
Around the teeing area of ​​the No. 1 hall, applause of the people participating in the competition was rising.

I decided that this would be a dramatic moment for me to make my debut.

To the amazement of all my friends, I confidently stepped over the teeing area and  address the ball.

Someone laughed, “What do you mean by Masato?"

A colleague who participated in the competition also laughed. They thought I had never played golf, and laughed that I, a small, weak Japanese, wouldn’t fly 100 yards even if I hit it properly.

“Is he able to play golf?" I heard a woman whispering to Jack.

”Heavens no!"  Jack exclaimed.

“I’ve never seen him play golf … but see it. The address is going to be good."

In a mockery, I put my index finger on my mouth, showed me the gesture of “Quiet Please", and addressed the ball with a routine reminiscent of Tiger Woods.

 “What do you think of his execution?" called a voice from the rear.

“We’re in favor of it !" came back the answer, and the crowd rocked with laughter.

Then I shot the driver・・・

From the moment I entered the routine, I couldn’t hear the mockery around me and concentrated on the routine.

After imagining the trajectory and confirming the direction and entering the address, I was able to move to the swing with nothing.

The feeling that I caught the ball with the core was transmitted to my hand.

I was able to swing as I practiced and the finish was beautiful.

The ball I shot drew a beautiful arc and flew far away.

It was a shot that made me feel like a professional hit.

The ball I hit stopped past Jack’s ball and stopped in the middle of

 the fairway at 300 yards.

A moment silence fell on the crowd.

The laughter died on their lips as if by magic.

Then, the next moment, around teeing area was filled with cheers.

A Complete Triumph

A storm of applause rebounded me and I was surrounded by excited colleagues.

How excited my friends were! A friend shook hands with me and slammed my back, enthusiastic and crazy.

Everybody was exclaiming with delight and plying  me with rapid questions .

“Masa! Why didn’t you tell us you could play golf like that?"・・・

“where did you learn?" —“How long have you studied?"—“Who was your teacher?"

“I have never even seen my teacher," I replied.

“A little while ago, I was poor at golf and the ball didn’t fly at all."

“Quit your kidding," laughed Jack  who is an accomplished golfer.

“You’ve been studying from a famous coach for years. I can tell."

“There is no such thing."

“I bought a lesson book and practiced it for only a short time," I insisted.

“I decided to keep it a secret so that I could surprise everyone in the competition."

then I told them the whole story.

Have you ever seen a lesson book written by a Japanese golf instructor who says, “Even a small Japanese can fly 300 yards"

I’ve never heard of that! Exclaimed someone.

I was surprised to see that there are only a dozen or so pages.

At first I thought I was fooled, but when I read it, it was very easy to understand, and what I did was concrete and simple.

If it says something difficult, I’m not motivated, but it’s easy, the theory is clear, and even if I’m an amateur, I’ll quickly get into my mind and want to practice immediately.

By practicing as I said in this lesson book, in a short time, my flight distance doubled and I started flying straight.

In my case, since I was poor at the beginning, it might have been a lot of growth.

I can’t believe it myself.

Even such a small me flies so much, so if a big guy like Jack does it,

I think it will fly more than Tiger …

Women have the same theory, so I think they will fly better than men who are not so good at it.

“But such a great lesson book would be expensive," someone asked.

“Well, I thought I would probably spend between 200 and 300 dollars

 when I was first told by a Japanese friend."

“But it was different. When I asked about the price, I thought it was something wrong.”

“I thought I could be fooled by this price, so I bought it the same day."

“It was correct."

“Where can I buy the lesson book, Masato?" Asked Jack awkwardly .

“Hmm, I don’t mind teaching, but I want to be a hero a little more,

 so I’ll teach you a few more rounds, Jack." I smiled.

Are you making these mistakes in golf practice?

Many amateur golfers concentrate too much on one thing, repeating the wrong exercises and learning bad swings.

If you stop one bad practice method and practice about 50 balls a day, as the lesson book says, your swing will improve dramatically.

Amateur golfers are dominated by the ball.

Professionals dominate the ball.

The theory is quite simple, but even if you understand this theory in your head,

What you cannot do is the difficult part of this theory.

But don’t worry.

This lesson book is easy to understand how to stop one wrong practice that many people make and how to continue correct practice.

Like any other lesson book, I don’t write unnecessary things over hundreds of pages as if the number of pages determines the authority of the lesson book.

You can’t remember a lot of things, and it’s meaningless if you can’t do it.

This lesson book is only a dozen or so pages, as it’s concisely writing only the points

that are really needed.

Anyone can easily get started, and the effects will be immediate.

Would you like to stop the wrong practice and master the way small, powerless

Japanese can fly 300 yards and become a hero in the next round?

If you want to become a hero, please get the lesson book from here.

Get it now

May you become a hero in the next round.

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