How to make a correct address


When you look at the address of professionals and advanced players,

don’t you think that almost everyone looks cool?

The address is a kind of entrance and occupies a great weight

in making a correct swing.

If the address is wrong, you cannot reach the correct swing,

as if the entrance was wrong.

Please learn the correct address and reach the correct swing.

How to make a correct address

① Stand upright with both feet aligned.

② Open both legs to shoulder width

③ Lean forward from the hip joint about 30 degrees.

     Keep your back straight and look down at the ball without lowering your head.

(Forward leaning angle is the same for all clubs.)

④ Let the gravitational force lower your arms.

➄ Knees should be relaxed and bent slightly.

⑥ Grip both hung arms in front of the left hip joint.

⑦ Put the weight on the slightly toe side.

⑧ Make sure the heeled lines of both feet, the lines of both shoulders and the waist  
are parallel to the line connecting the ball and the target point.

⑨ Please note that if you grip in front of the left hip joint, the right shoulder tends to
come forward.

    If you lower your right shoulder slightly and grip it, your right shoulder will not come  

The posture is now complete.


Posted by yuzo