How to make the address of correct direction


Amateurs are very indifferent about which direction they are addressing.

Professionals and advanced players are very sensitive about the direction of the address.

Of course, golf is a sport that hits the ball at the target.

If the direction you are facing is wrong, the ball will not fly to the target even if you make a good swing.

Not only that, but the swing may be broken because the direction the body is facing and the direction you want to hit are different.

For example, the address faces right from the target, and if you swing in the direction of the target, the club will have an outside-in It will be a swing.

Thus, to make the address of correct direction for the target, you must know how to do it.

So how can we make the address of correct direction?

I will introduce an example of that method.

① Stand behind the ball

② Decide the target point

③ Find a mark 30 cm before and after the ball on the straight line connecting the target point and the ball

④ Set your stance, waist line, and shoulder line parallel to the straight line formed by connecting the two marks found in ③.

➄Place the club head just behind the ball and set the score line (face groove line) at a right angle to the straight line of ④

⑥ Make a posture for the set club

The above is just an example, but find a method to make the address of correct direction that suits you.

At the driving range, we often see people putting their clubs at their feet and checking the address direction. This is also a good way.

However, you should not do this as it is an offence on the course.

It’s also a good idea to practice with your friends and have them look at you from the back to see if you are correctly addressing your target. This is also a violation on the course, so be careful.


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